Vulnerability assessment

Even the most sophisticated IT or ICS/SCADA system can have security gaps, undetected vulnerabilities or unmanaged risks. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out regular and independent checks (penetration testing and vulnerability assessment) to assure the adequacy of controls and the protection provided by security measures.


Dissecting Malware

A strong background in reverse engineering binaries, a wealth of experience in malware analyzing, as well as access to various sample repositories and information sharing networks are the keys to analyze and interpret minutely.

Evaluating Security Posture

The number of security incidents can be reduced with security aware design, implementation, and operation of systems and organizational procedures. Part of this effort is the testing of the security posture of the organization.


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Buy advanced capabilities to defend yourself!

There is an increasing number of attacks on ICS/SCADA systems. Some of those systems are part of our critical infrastructure, and therefore, it is essential to preserve their availability, integrity, and trustworthiness.
Internet of Things
There is a larger number of embedded computers than traditional PCs and servers. Now, they are connected to the Internet, and they are subject to attacks. Making IoT devices and systems secure is one of the challenges that drives us.
Financial institutes are becoming tech companies and tech companies will soon become banks. This transformation creates potentially new and un-anticipated risks. Professional services delivered by our experts help to reduce these risks.
Professional engineering
We approach problems with an engineering attitude. We enjoy dissecting things to understand them better, we are excited by designing new solutions, we care about small details in implementation, and we always strive for quality.
International connections
We have an extended professional network covering both industry and academia. We are also members in invite-only, trust based professional communities.
Strong R&D basis
We maintain a strong relationship with the CrySyS Lab, a renowned academic research group with recognized results. Besides performing research for us, CrySyS also makes some of its unique testbeds available to us.