Discovery and analysis of Duqu, and discovery of its dropper that led to CVE-2011 3402 (under CrySyS Lab)


Founding the company


First analysis of Flame published (under CrySyS Lab)


Analysis of TeamSpy and Miniduke published (under CrySyS Lab)


Publication of our report on anti-APT tools showing that they can be bypassed, later publication of BAB0, our test sample that bypassed all tested tools (under CrySyS Lab)


Analysis of Duqu 2.0 (CrySyS and Ukatemi)


Publication of our attack on cars in the style of Stuxnet (under CrySyS Lab)


Analysis of TeDi (under Ukatemi)

About us

Ukatemi Technologies Ltd. is a professional engineering company with expertise and demonstrated experience in providing high quality and unique cybersecurity services to its customers. We approach problems with an engineering attitude. We enjoy dissecting things to understand them better, we are excited by designing new solutions, we care about small details in implementation, and we always strive for quality. Our motto is „Driven by challenges”, which means we aim at applying our expertise for protecting applications, systems and services that require high reliability and security, and in specific areas where there are no well-established solutions yet.

Ukatemi was founded in 2012 as a spin-off company of the renowned CrySyS Lab (Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Ukatemi is an independent SME based in Budapest, Hungary.

Our capabilities include evaluating cybersecurity posture, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, reverse engineering, security by design (systems and processes), incident response, computer forensics, malware analysis, fine-tuning SIEM/SOC solutions as well as designing and performing practice-oriented cybersecurity trainings and exercises both in IT and OT (ICS/SCADA) environment. We have strong experience in the field of cyber-physical systems security.

Ukatemi’s approach to project management is shaped by a firm belief that project success and client satisfaction are based upon providing an experienced, dedicated staff. Guided by this philosophy, we have proven repeatedly to our clients that our management approach ensures high-quality, cost-effective services. Each of our engineers is an experienced and skilled professional. Our staff has been involved in the detection and analysis of targeted malware attacks (including Duqu, Flame, MiniDuke, TeamSpy), we tested anti-APT tools, and played key roles in large-scale incident management, security and vulnerability assessment and security evaluation of critical information.

We have:

  • deep and robust knowledge in malware analysis, de-obfuscation techniques, and reverse-engineering;
  • international connections with leading IT security teams and vendors in the industrial, governmental and academical sphere alike;
  • access to private malware and threat intelligence feeds and repositories, as well as our own malware repository with more than 350 million malware samples and a collection of 10 million public key certificates;
  • custom sandbox environments and malware laboratory, including custom tools;
  • experience with various cyber threats including targeted attacks (APTs);
  • widespread experience in cyber-physical systems, especially in industrial control systems (including oil and gas; electricity and nuclear power; utility; production; IoT; automotive and transportation);
  • security clearance certificate, professional liability insurance, and we operating an internal quality and information security management system.